Heirloom family portraiture. Tangible memories. Beautiful art.  

Megan was such a delight to have at our home birth! She blended in so well with her encouragement and support that I completely forgot that she was there to take pictures! But it turns out that she did take some and they are the most breathtaking images that I have ever been gifted with. I think that absolutely everyone needs photos of the birth of their child, and Megan absolutely has a gift for capturing the emotion and beauty and triumph that is birth.
— Kali C. - Photographer


You're expecting a baby? Congratulations! What an exciting time. The hope, the expectations, the joy... We here at Blush little Baby love celebrating this time with our clients by creating beautiful photographs. This time is so fleeting. Let us help you remember it many years from now. We have a large selection of maternity gowns to choose from and will walk  you through every step to create something that will make you happy to look back on many years from now, and let your child know how precious this time of preparation and nurturing your baby was to you. 


Yes! We do birth photography! This is definitely our favorite genre. What a blessing and honor to capture mom's labor of love and those first moments earthside. The first breath, the first cry, the first gaze into momma's eyes. As somebody who has trained to be a doula, protecting the birth space is super important to us. Years of experience in the labor and delivery room has made us a favorite of local doulas and healthcare providers alike! Click here for more information about our birth photography services. 



This was really the genre that got us into photography in the first place. It's the one we've been doing the longest, and I'm pretty sure that we will never quit! We have found that having photos of your family up on your wall in a prominent place brings joy daily, and raises your child's self esteem as they see themselves as a valued member of the family, and the interaction captured reminds everyone, even on the worst days, that their family really is amazing. We can help walk you through every step of the planning process, down to wardrobe selection and locations to coordinate with your family's personality. 


Newborn photography is a specialty in and of itself. It requires skills and safety knowledge over and above your standard photo session. Attention to every detail, keeping safety top priority while creating beautiful works of art is what we are known for. Our newborn work is completely custom designed just for you and your space, taking into consideration your design and color preferences. We even come to you so that you don't have to leave the house so soon after your special delivery! (And don't even worry about cleaning, we understand that bonding and sleeping are FAR more important!)