Birth Photography FAQ   (more coming!)  

Your location: 

I'm located just off of 75 in Plano. Most locations are easy and relatively quick for me to get to. We service all of DFW and have shot in Denton, Fort Worth, and  Forney too! 

Average time out the door, concerns with childcare:

 My average time out the door is 5 min, and I all my kids are preteens/teenagers who are homeschooled so I can leave on a moments notice without worrying about childcare. 


Do you also do video? 

We do video clips in addition to still photography if we have enough time. In the case of precipitous labor, my first concern will be still photography. If you'd like to ensure video coverage, we can talk about a separate package to ensure a second shooter that will focus on video!


Can I request no graphic images?  

Of course! This is YOUR birth. Just let me know what you're comfortable with and that's what we'll shoot! Want graphic? I'm comfortable with that too. 


Number of photos included in session: 

I can't really say exactly how many photographs we include, because the number of photos varies based on the length of labor, situations,Etc. (ie: long epidural births where mom rests and stays in one position for a long period of time just naturally mean less images than a birth center birth with movement and lots of position changes, etc!) if it helps, I usually deliver around 300 images.. I did have a 7 min long labor one time and I still delivered over 100 images, usually it just means we have less time to get all the basic images taken in! 


How long do you stay? 

I will stay as long as is necessary! That may mean 37 hours, or 4 hours. I stay for 1-2 hours after your birth to make sure to capture all the weighing, measuring, and foot printing, first feeding, etc. 


How long does it take to get the images back: 

We do digital delivery of images appx 2-4 weeks after your birth.


Do you also offer prints:  

We absolutely offer print options as well, typically in the form of custom albums and storybooks, you're welcome to order one! I bring samples with me to our consult.


Do you have time in your schedule for my birth: 

 I take on a very limited number of births a month, and while I have a reliable list of backups who can take over for me, I have not missed a birth yet, so I keep my birth schedule light to keep that risk low. 


What happens if you do miss my birth? 

We will still come out and do what we call a "fresh 48" session for you, and then we transfer unused funds to any other type of session you'd like! We do posed and lifestyle newborn, sitter sessions, family sessions, etc.